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AgriTechTalk International CIC

AA International and AgriTechTalk International CIC

AA International Ltd (a private company limited by shares) has been providing technical assistance to UN agencies, NGOs and Government departments and institutions to improve food security in poor and marginal communities in rural areas of the world since 2005.

Until April 2012, the scope and style of our work, which has covered 48 successfully completed contracts and some 60 missions, has been determined by a) direct requests for our technical assistance from international clients; and b) AA International winning competitive tenders in areas of our specialisation.

In order for us to be more innovative in our approach and more inclusive in capacity building and training of interns, both in Wales and Overseas, we have started a social enterprise, AgriTechTalk International CIC ((Company Number: 8213053), limited by guarantee) that will provide services in parallel with our limited company using the same trading name, AA International. This action, which was approved for the Secretary of State, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), UK by Companies House, Cardiff on September 13th 2012, will ensure that our excellent reputation, generated in the past 6 years, is carried forward into applications for grants and for donations to support work of a similar type.

Some advantages of a CIC in the AA International group are i.) it allows AA International to be pro-active as well as re-active in the provision of services already proven to be useful; ii) allows us to expand into new geographic areas; iii) allows us to take-on and train interns in links with UK universities; iv) allows us to provide do-it-yourself manuals and training for administrations and NGOs in often simple, proven techniques hitherto outside the reach of humanitarian aid and development programmes.       




AgriTechTalk International CIC at AA International, Harbour House, Y Lanfa, Trefechan, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 1AS, UK Tel: 01970 639468
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