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Adaptive Research and Field Market Studies

FAO Project: OSRO/ERI/601/Sweden - Support for the rehabilitation of quality seed in Eritrea

General Objectives:

  • Foundation seed of locally adapted varieties of wheat, sorghum and pearl millet multiplied and distributed as Quality Declared Seed (QDS).
  • Production increased in war/drought affected communities through distribution of quality seed.
  • Local capacity in quality seed production enhanced.

Multiplication and Collection Achievements:

  • 43.5t wheat seeds shared between 1698 farmers (21 contract groups) planted 435 ha.
  • 3.0t sorghum seeds shared between 142 farmers (16 contract groups) planted 245 ha.
  • 0.43t pearl millet seeds shared between 87 farmers (4 contract groups) planted 85 ha.

MoA staff implemented the distributions and collections.
Farmers multiplied the seed with MoA supervision.
NARI tested, cleaned and repackaged QDS output.
AA International provided technical assistance.
FAO provided financial support from a Swedish grant.

QDS Distributed-Expected Performance

Inputs Seed (t) Yield (t/ha) Area (ha) Prod (t) Value (M.US $)
Wheat 184 1.0 1,741 1,741 1.74
Sorghum 334 1.4 33,340 46,676 29.55
Pearl Millet 82 0.9 13,466 12,299 7.79
Total 600   48,747 60,716 39.08

Summary of Marketing Process

Cleaning seed in Eritrea Certifying seed in Eritrea
Cleaning Certifying
Seed storage in Eritrea Distribution of seed to farmers, Eritrea
Storing Distribution to farmers




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