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Uno How's Farm Visits Modules 1 - 5
Agricultural Numeracy for Food Security and Nutrition

2016-2017 and 2014. Karamoja, Uganda.

This project was funded by the TOPS Grants Program, initially through a micro grant in 2014 and then via a Programme Improvement Award in 2016, which allowed further development of the Uno How numeracy series and wider delivery of training.

During the projects AgriTechTalk developed an online learning programme, comprising of five modules in functional numeracy for professionals (and some lead farmers) working in food and nutrition security.

The modules are cartoon based farm visits of a fictional extension agent called "Uno How" to two farmers, "Tad" and "Mim".

The cartoons link to explanations, simple calculations and exercises, as well as lots of practical numeracy tips. The modules can be followed online or downloaded free of charge as pdfs.

Modules 1 - 3 have been translated into Luo and Ngikarimojong and Modules 1 and 2 have also been translated into the French. These are also available online or as pdf downloads.

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DFMS Project (Drought and Flood Mitigation Service)

2017-2020. Karamoja, Uganda

The primary role of AgriTechTalk in the DFMS project has been, together with the AgriTechTalk Africa field team, to collect and oversee analysis of crop yield and livestock body condition data for monitoring and evaluation purposes. These data have been collected during crop and livestock assessments, carried out by the AgriTechTalk Africa field team using AA International's PET methodology. The PET assessments have been carried out in 7 districts across Karamoja, as annual crop assessments and 6 monthly livestock assessments. The data have been analysed and compiled into reports which have been circulated to the Government of Uganda District Officers providing them with quantitative information on the status of the crop yields and the body condition of livestock in Karamoja.

Other detailed data have been collected, using a farm recording system developed by AgriTechTalk. This involves collection of agricultural input and output data by farmers; collation of the data by the AgriTechTalk field team; and analysis by AgriTechTalk staff in the UK. This involves the calculation of the Gross Margins of different enterprises for selected farmers and herders in Karamoja. As well as being used for project Monitoring and Evaluation, the Gross Margins are shared directly with the farmers/herders, so that they can compare the returns of different farming activities over time.

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