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Field Manuals

PET-South Sudan (2006), is a photographic field manual covering a wider range of food crops.
In September 2006, AA International Ltd ran three training sessions for 64 trainees (representing the Government of South Sudan; FAO and NGOs) on the use of this manual. All of the trainees, equipped with PET manuals and the knowledge of how to use them, are now able to assess crop production both more rapidly and accurately. 

In 2015, AA International Ltd were contracted to produce individual Pictorial Evaluation Tools for Crops and Livestock. These manuals have been published by AA International Ltd and are also available to download free of charge.

PET- Crops South Sudan contains photo-indicators to assist assessors in estimating crops in fields at harvest time.

PET- Livestock South Sudan helps assessors estimate and evaluate changes in body condition, using body condition scoring, of East African livestock: Camels, Goats, Fat-tailed sheep and Cattle.

PET-Crops South Sudan (2015)

PET-Livestock South Sudan (2015)


Download PET-Crops South Sudan

Download PET-Livestock South Sudan


PET- South Sudan (2006)

PET- South Sudan    

PET- South Sudan has now been replaced by PET-Crops South Sudan, 2015 (see above)






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