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Field Manuals

Pictorial Evaluation Tools (PET)

- Crop Yield Assessment Manuals, based on photo-indicators

- Livestock Body Condition Scoring Manuals, based on photo-indicators

The following PET Manuals (PDFs) are available to download free of charge

PET-Crops South Sudan     PET-Livestock South Sudan

PET-Crops, Karamoja


PET-Livestock, Karamoja

PET- Cereals, West Bank and Gaza Strip     PET-Cereals, West Bank and Gaza Strip (Arabic)

PET- Crops Sudan Manual     PET- Livestock Sudan Manual

PET- Crops Sudan


PET- Livestock Sudan

PET- Crops Somalia Manual     PET- Livestock Somalia Manual

PET- Crops Somalia


PET- Livestock Somalia

PET- South Sudan Manual     PET- Cereals Ethiopia Manual

PET- South Sudan (2006)


PET- Cereals Ethiopia





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