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AgriTechTalk International CIC

AgriTechTalk International CIC offers a range of services including TechTalk's Advisory Service and a Joint Action Scheme for NGOs and CGOs wishing to work jointly in food security projects and programmes with AA International through AgriTechTalk International CIC.

Uno How's Farm Visits Modules 1-5 are available online and in downloadable pdf format  (free of charge). Animations of Modules 1-3 have also been produced and are available to view and download from Vimeo.

Follow this link to access Uno How's Farm Visits

Our technical services are:-

TechTalk's Advisory Service

TechTalk is a free to use, online agricultural, food security, farming and environmental advisory service - including a Gross Margin Calculator.

Other Actions

- Agricultural Numeracy - A refresher course in agricultural mathematics for field extension workers.

This comprises of a series of farm visits by Uno How, a virtual extension agent, and farmers Tad and Mim. There are currently 5 modules available:

Module 1 - Calculating the area of your farm
Module 2 - Estimating seed inputs, fertiliser and spray requirements
Module 3 - Estimating crop production and storage requirements

Module 4 - Using farm products
Module 5 - Farming as a business

Animations of Modules 1 - 3 have also been produced and are available on Vimeo. Follow this link to Uno How's Farm Visits to see all of the Uno How Farm Visits documents available for download.

- Management Information Services - Farm Recording.

- Adaptive Research and Field Market Studies.

- Crop Yield Assessment - Field Manual production including Pictorial Evaluation Tool (PET) Production - used in crop and food supply assessment and similar situation analyses.

- Body Condition Scoring for East African Livestock - Field Manual production including Pictorial Evaluation Tool (PET) Production - used in food supply assessment and similar situation analyses.

- Training in the PET approach and Natural Resources Orientated Development - Specific training to allow effective use of the crop and livestock PET manuals and natural resource development.

- Placement and Mentoring Support to Interns.

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AA International is accredited to Environmental Management Standard BS8555: Phase 2. The Standard enables us to monitor our environmental impact and identify ways to control and improve our environmental performance.




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