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Adaptive Research

AgriTechTalk International CIC welcomes joint grant funding applications for adaptive research actions

Adaptive Research

Adaptive research is defined by UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) as
“the use of research in enhancing productivity or solving problems”.

In the context of our activities, AA International wishes to expand and enrich the definition by adding “without losing sight of the economic and environmental consequences of any widespread application of actions recommended as a result of the research".

Our adaptive work to date has rigorously followed this enhanced definition by including economic analysis and, where appropriate, environmental impact assessment.

Examples of previous actions include:

FAO-Eritrea: Rehabilitation of quality seed in Eritrea (2007)

This involved the multiplication of the foundation seed of locally adapted varieties of wheat, sorghum and pearl millet, and subsequent distribution as Quality Declared Seed (QDS). Production increased in the war/drought affected communities through the distribution of the QDS and the local capacity for quality seed production was enhanced.

FAO-Eritrea: Transplanting of sorghum and millet (2007)

This project involved the application of a well-established transplanting technology used in rice production to sorghum and millet production in areas regularly challenged by delayed rains or early rain-stop.

FAO-GIEWS Mozambique: Improved integration of root and tuber crops in CFSAM food balance sheets

This project was concerned with the improved understanding of the role of tuber crops in food security. A rapid assessment methodology was derived to improve the present levels of understanding of the contribution of roots and tubers to national annual domestic production of main staples.


Please contact us for information on applying for joint grant funding applications.




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