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Farm Recording

Management Information Service

Why Farm Recording?

The keeping of FARM RECORDS is an essential component of good farm management, providing the information needed for day-to-day decision making and long-term planning.

Recording forms the basis of all useful management information services for farmers and projects.

Farm Recording means keeping regular records, on-farm, of all technical and financial activities and events. The records may be used for:

  • measuring livestock and crop performance;
  • identifying bottlenecks, constraints, production problems;
  • comparing technical performance against peers and standards;
  • comparing enterprise economics within and between farms;
  • determining profit and loss making enterprises;
  • making the right decisions when planning for the future.

Getting started

Farm records may be as simple as a series of marks scratched on a wall marking an action; or, collections of stones or tokens placed in containers denoting specific events or actions. Or farm records may be as complicated as an integrated series of tables in well-designed data-bases. Or, they may include non-written techniques at field level used to collect raw data that are transferred into data-bases for analysis. In all cases, the purpose of such actions is to record events, tasks or transactions in such a way that they will be accurately remembered for assessment, evaluation or discussion at a later date.

How do we help?

  1. Recording Needs Analysis.
  2. Design a recording Management Information Service to suit the farm(s) and project(s) from field to decision maker.
  3. Establish the scheme and train staff.
  4. Provide benchmarks, analyses, interpretations and recommendations (as required).

Possible Assistance in Stages

With Intern (Junior Specialist)

Without Intern

1. You provide a profile of farm or project. 1. You provide a profile of farm or project.
2. You arrange to receive a working visit of a Junior Specialist (JS), for up to 3 months, providing evidence of accommodation, work transport (daily), interpreter service and an equipment budget. 2. You provide a summary of staff IT skills and equipment already on farms/projects. We will tell you what else you may need to record farm data.
3. You provide access for JS to enterprises to be recorded, including supply and value chain data (inputs and outputs; technical and financial). 3. You provide sample data for enterprises to be recorded, including supply and value chain data (inputs and outputs; technical and financial) by email to AA International.
4. JS establishes recording data-base (single or networked) using existing office hardware and software, or on an AA International PC system using excel. 4. AA International prepares data-base and protocols; field forms and routines, and returns both sets to you for installation.
5. JS establishes field forms and routines and collects first data for analysis. 5. You collect data in the forms provided and send to AA International by email.
6. JS establishes indicators and analytical formats, analyses data, interprets findings and provides you with regular returns for a) initial discussion; b) return to AA International for archiving; further analyses; and further interpretations as requested by you, which may include benchmarking, progress checks and peer group and global comparisons using the TechTalk GM Calculator plus recommendations. 6. AA International establishes possible indicators and, on agreement with you, analyses data, interprets findings and provides you with regular returns, for remote discussion; archiving for later bulk analyses as requested by you. Such analyses will include benchmarking, peer group and global comparisons, using the TechTalk GM Calculator plus recommendations.




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