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Assessing sheep, Somalia. Sorghum, Somalia. Assessing sorghum, Somalia. Assessing sorghum, Somalia. Assessing camels, Somalia.

Field Manuals

Pictorial Evaluation Tools (PETs)

- Crop Yield Assessment Field Manuals

- Livestock Body Condition Scoring Field Manuals

Transplanting Manuals

Beekeeping Manuals

AgriTechTalk International CIC offers high quality technical assistance for field manuals, which can be funded through joint application with grant funding bodies.

Examples of manuals include:

Pictorial Evaluation Tools (PETs) - Crop Yield Assessing Photo-Indicators and Livestock Body Condition Score Photo-Indicators.

Transplanting Manuals - Practical instructions in simple food security based techniques.

Beekeeping Manuals - Practical manuals from swarm collecting to honey processing.




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