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Assessing sheep, Somalia. Sorghum, Somalia. Assessing sorghum, Somalia. Assessing sorghum, Somalia. Assessing camels, Somalia.

Field Manuals

Pictorial Evaluation Tools (PETs)

AA International has developed methodologies (Pictorial Evaluation Tools or PETs) that improve the quality and speed of assessments of crop and forage yields and livestock body condition.

PETs were first developed as hard-copy manuals of annotated photo-indicators for rapid appraisal, prepared for and used in Crop and Food Security Assessments. PET Crop manuals have been produced for 6 different countries within East and the Horn of Africa, with more recent versions covering an extensive range of crops. PET Livestock manuals have been produced for four different countries and include camels, cattle, goats and sheep.

More recently PET has been developed into a mobile App suitable for use on Android devices, which allows the datasets from the assessments to be sent to a server for analysis (when internet connections are available).

To find out more about PET please visit PET on our AA International website.

The PET manuals are available to download here.


Instructional leaflets

Practical instructions in simple food security based techniques. Download them from the links below.

Technical guide to Transplanting of Sorghum and Millet

Technical guide to Indicator Units

Technical guide to Dry Season Homestead Drip Irrigation


Beekeeping Manuals

Practical manuals from swarm collecting to honey processing. Download them here.




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