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Training and Mentoring

Training Courses

AgriTechTalk International CIC offers a range of training support

1.Course Development (short or medium term training courses)

Through AA International, we provide the following services with regard to the development of training courses for natural resources assessment, natural resources development, commodity production and marketing:-

  • Training Needs Assessments (TNA) for agencies, enterprises, cooperatives.
  • Preparation and delivery of distance–learning or face-to- face, commodity -specific training courses to match TNAs. Distance learning courses can be supported either by a commodity specialist tutor's site visit or by internet communication alone. Face-to-face courses can be delivered in country or in the UK.
  • Training courses will be based on clearly defined learning objectives and can be delivered as a standard 20 unit (each unit 2.5 hours) course with instructional learning packages comprising
    • Power point lectures and briefing notes (plans).
    • Reference lists and extracts/ summaries.
    • Other teaching materials - e.g. posters, charts.
    • Practical skills development training guides and worksheets.
    • Field crop recording and analysis package.
    • Testing sheets (knowledge, awareness and skills).
    • Access to web-based mentoring service and/or question and answer help-desk for each commodity.
  • Follow-up mentoring, delivery of information up-dates and question and answer problem solving through

The training support noted above may be delivered through one of the following options:-

  • Implementation of courses for agencies already with funds, at cost price.
  • Joint applications for funds with NGOs/Agencies for courses delivered by AA International.
  • Single applications for funds on behalf of a donor.

Please contact us for more details.

2. Longer- term Courses

We may, on request, identify courses in UK colleges and study centres for suitably qualified candidates put forward by our clients. AA International Ltd works closely with Aberystwyth University to establish entry to sub- degree, degree and post graduate natural resource courses.

3. History of AA International and Training.

AA International is a spin- out group from the University of Wales. Our experience in Training by Objectives for agricultural and natural sources subjects is concomitant with the current Director’s appointments viz:-

  • 1972-73 (UK): Development and delivery of a series of peripatetic courses to the Corn Trade throughout the UK, introducing EEC rules and regulations governing intervention buying and denaturing of grain.
  • 1973-6 (UK): Senior Lecturer Welsh Agricultural College (now part of Aberystwyth University) ; Farmer training- course and extension programme design and implementation for Agricultural Training Board, Meat and Livestock Commission.
  • 1976-9 (Oman): To develop the first curriculum (by learning objectives) and assessment procedures for the Nizwa Agricultural Institute, Duchlea, Oman in parallel with planning institute buildings and farms; preparing equipment lists; planning staffing and student entry requirements; and teaching programmes. All works conducted under a joint Word Bank- UNESCO project to introduce tertiary education to the Sultanate of Oman (Ministry of Education and Training and Ministry of Agriculture, Petroleum and Minerals)
  • 1984-5 (Syria): To supervise the development of new curricula (by learning objectives) for all agricultural subjects including content, levels, assessment procedures, training schedules and equipment lists for practical agricultural training for 3 tertiary level agricultural colleges in Latakia, Aleppo and Damascus under a UNDP/ World Bank programme.
  • 1990—93 (Philippines): To coordinate and supervise the introduction of the Diploma and Bachelors degree in Agricultural Technology (DAT-BAT) in 5 colleges (Luzon- Abra,Ifugoa, Aurora; Visayas- Antique; and Mindanao-Misamis Oriental) including new curricula (by learning objectives); new forms of assessments; staff-training; buildings-design; equipment listing and installation; farm planning, preparation and stocking; all under the EC – Agreed programme with EDPITAF, Ministry of Education.
  • 1993-2005 (UK) and elsewhere: Overall supervision, teaching and training of Centre for Arid Zone Studies, Bangor University, for e.g. directing 2 vocationally-orientated MSc courses (Rural Resource Management; World Animal Production); Planning and directing hundreds of custom-built natural resources orientated short courses for groups of trainees and individuals, some of which are listed below.
Country of Origin of Trainees Outline of course given and location Year Funding Body
Bangladesh Introduction to Agroforestry (UK) 2000 TTT
Cameroon Forest Management (UK) 2001 ITTO
Cameroon Remote Sensing, GIS and EIA (UK) 2001 ITTO
China Forest Management (UK) 2004 ITTO
Eritrea Design and Evaluation of Livestock Systems (UK) 2003 FAO
Eritrea Issues in Integrated Agricultural Management (UK) 2002 Norwegian Church Aid
Eritrea Screening of Pearly Millet for Downy Mildew Reaction (UK) 2002 FAO
Eritrea Water Resources, Geophysics and Remote Sensing (UK) 2002 UNICEF
Eritrea Project Management and Rural Development 2002 FAO
Eritrea EIA and Monitoring with GIS and Remote Sensing (UK) 2002 FAO
Eritrea Environmental Management and Impact Assessment (UK) 2002 British Council
Eritrea Banking and Finance (UK) 2002 British Council
Eritrea Dryland Agriculture (UK) 2001 FAO
Eritrea Dryland Plant Physiology (UK) 2001 FAO
Eritrea Banking and Finance (UK) 2001 British Council
Eritrea Environmental Management and Impact Assessment (UK) 2001 British Council
Eritrea Research Methods, Experimental Design and Data Management in Animal Research (UK) 2001 FAO
Eritrea Socio-economic Evaluation of Research Technology/Output (UK) 2001 FAO
Eritrea Agricultural Project Management (UK) 1999 CBSE/BKHE Brussels
Eritrea Animal Nutrition/Production Research Methodology and Training (UK) 1998 FAO
Ethiopia Agricultural Research Management Training (UK) 2003 World Bank
Ethiopia Crop Production and Ecophysiology (UK) 2002 NORAD
Ethiopia Crop Production and Physiology (UK) 2001 NORAD
Ethiopia Semi Arid Zone Development (UK) 1998 Irish Aid
Ethiopia Semi Arid Zone Water Resources Management (UK) 1998 British Council
Ghana Agroforestry Systems, Practices and Ecophysiology (UK) 2003 ITTO
India Rural Resource Management - Forestry Option 2003 Government of Karnataka
India Remote Sensing and GIS (UK) 2003 Government of Karnataka
India Biodiversity and Conservation Management (UK) 2003 DFID-FTP
India Forest Management (UK) 2003 DFID-FTP
India Conservation Forestry (UK) 2003 DFID-FTP
India Wetland Management (UK) 2003 DFID-FTP
India Afforestation and Planning (UK) 2003 DFID-FTP
India Application of Biotechnology (UK) 2003 DFID-FTP
India Conflict Resolution and Management (UK) 2003 DFID-FTP
India Environmental Economics (UK) 2003 DFID-FTP
India Rural Resource Management - Forestry Option (UK) 2002 Government of Karnataka
India Remote Sensing, GIS and EIA (UK) 2002 Government of Karnataka
India Livestock Management (UK) 2002 FAO
  • 2005 + conducted all AA International training for Crop and Food Supply Assessment Missions (Rwanda, Tajikistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia) and PET training (South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan).





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