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PET training, Somaliland. PET- Crops Training, Somalia. PET-Crops training, Somalia. PET training, Sudan. Threshing sorghum for weighing, Sudan

Training and Mentoring

AgriTechTalk International CIC offers a range of training and mentoring support

1. Training support through short, medium or longer-term courses

Training support delivered through one of the following options:

  • Implementation of courses for agencies already with funds, at cost price.
  • Joint applications for funds with NGOs/Agencies for courses for AA International implementation.
  • Single application for funds on behalf of a donor.

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2. Mentoring

Through AA International we can provide:

  • e-mentoring through
  • face-to-face mentors for your existing staff through regular visits with or without e-mail contact.
  • provision of new technical assistance pairings of junior staff (interns) with mentor contact.

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