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PET training, Somaliland. PET- Crops Training, Somalia. PET-Crops training, Somalia. PET training, Sudan. Threshing sorghum for weighing, Sudan


AgriTechTalk International CIC offers a range of training services

1. Training materials for Agricultural Numeracy

AgriTechTalk was involved in the development and implementation of the Uno How Field Numeracy modules. For further details visit our Agricultural Numeracy pages, or contact us with any enquiries.


2. Training materials for Farm Recording and Data Collection

AgriTechTalk also undertake the writing of training materials relating to agriculture and farm recording/data collection.

The DFMS project in Karamoja, Uganda involves data collection for monitoring purposes, from cluster farmers and herders, using a farm recording system developed by AgriTechTalk.

Please contact us with any enquiries.


3. Training in the use of PET methodology for crop and livestock assessing

AgriTechTalk, working alongside AgriTechTalk-Africa, can provide in-country training in PET methodology to field assessors.

It includes training in the methodologies in PET crops, PET livestock and PET forage, incorporating the theory behind the PET methodology and practical field training. PET manuals or the PET app can be used depending on the clients' needs.

AgriTechTalk can also provide equipment for assessors carrying out PET crop and forage assessments. We can supply lightweight, foldable quadrats and hand-held spring balances suitably scaled for crop sampling (1 kg x 5g intervals).

To find out more about PET training ad PET equipment please contact us or visit our AA International website.




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